Thursday, August 13, 2009

wHat PeOple waNNa heAr !!

What has come over the world, is it cynicism or a virtual lack of thirst for information.

"your stuff is so boring", those were the words that pierced through the canals of my ears when I asked a friend of mine, ENiola, what she thought about a certain blog of mine. I found myself mouth wide gaping and trying to phantom the words I just heard and for the first time in a while I was at lost for words-- which never happens to a talkative of my kind..

Although her words might have forced out a saving smile from my stubborn verbal cavity it also struck a Mel Gibson moment for me-- "WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO READ ABOUT?"

Definitely not about global events, definitely not about history, definitely not poetry and sure not inspirational blab, as this was what all I used to blog about that earned me the BORING tag from my pal. So I undertook a voyage to explore what tantalized the egos of blog readers, what floated their boats and what gave the interest of readers an erection-- and guess what I found out-- CRAP....

Ya, that's what turns people on-- CRAP. People want to read about Paris's new catch phrase, that new juking move, sexual innuendos, unreal escapades, the next persons life, and humorous shit ! Ok I could do with a Little humour. I wouldn't say I was surprised that it was such nonsense that seemed to catch the ears of people I was indeed surprised to realize that our generational IQ is significantly lower that past generations. Hah.. Makes sense... Ask the average teenager whats going on in North Korea-- Boring. The war in Darfur-- Boring. The militancy problem in Nigeria-- Who cares? Swine Flu-- what the F&*$k. Earthquake in SOuth Asia-- Earth what. The death of the Last WW I veteran-- are u kidding me?

So what are we becoming? a generation run by all apparels of dumbness, where facts matter less when put against juicy incessant nonsense? Common we could do better than that. I mean been more aware and educated about important stuffs ain't that hard to ask is it.. Now don't get me wrong, I ain't saying, we cant do with a Lil Tete-a-tete sometimes but a situation whereby we let that rule over our sense of importance becomes dangerously detrimental...

SO here is Todays Botttom Line-- Next time before you mesmerize yourself with some doze of nonsense make sure you've got a near equal amount of info that matters in the real world.... Word !!