Thursday, August 13, 2009

wHat PeOple waNNa heAr !!

What has come over the world, is it cynicism or a virtual lack of thirst for information.

"your stuff is so boring", those were the words that pierced through the canals of my ears when I asked a friend of mine, ENiola, what she thought about a certain blog of mine. I found myself mouth wide gaping and trying to phantom the words I just heard and for the first time in a while I was at lost for words-- which never happens to a talkative of my kind..

Although her words might have forced out a saving smile from my stubborn verbal cavity it also struck a Mel Gibson moment for me-- "WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO READ ABOUT?"

Definitely not about global events, definitely not about history, definitely not poetry and sure not inspirational blab, as this was what all I used to blog about that earned me the BORING tag from my pal. So I undertook a voyage to explore what tantalized the egos of blog readers, what floated their boats and what gave the interest of readers an erection-- and guess what I found out-- CRAP....

Ya, that's what turns people on-- CRAP. People want to read about Paris's new catch phrase, that new juking move, sexual innuendos, unreal escapades, the next persons life, and humorous shit ! Ok I could do with a Little humour. I wouldn't say I was surprised that it was such nonsense that seemed to catch the ears of people I was indeed surprised to realize that our generational IQ is significantly lower that past generations. Hah.. Makes sense... Ask the average teenager whats going on in North Korea-- Boring. The war in Darfur-- Boring. The militancy problem in Nigeria-- Who cares? Swine Flu-- what the F&*$k. Earthquake in SOuth Asia-- Earth what. The death of the Last WW I veteran-- are u kidding me?

So what are we becoming? a generation run by all apparels of dumbness, where facts matter less when put against juicy incessant nonsense? Common we could do better than that. I mean been more aware and educated about important stuffs ain't that hard to ask is it.. Now don't get me wrong, I ain't saying, we cant do with a Lil Tete-a-tete sometimes but a situation whereby we let that rule over our sense of importance becomes dangerously detrimental...

SO here is Todays Botttom Line-- Next time before you mesmerize yourself with some doze of nonsense make sure you've got a near equal amount of info that matters in the real world.... Word !!


  1. looool...URE A FOOLISH BOIIII!!!!! very! who sayz i dnt knw about the war in darfur?...who sayz i dnt know about the undying problems in Nigeria...the North nd d killings?....d south south nd the militANTS?..OH WAT ELSE DO I KNw?...Oh yes i knw about north korea too nd their undyign need to keep testing nuclear wepons....oh i knw the unendign fights for freedom in Iran too..i READ shit A LOT! im a reader :).oh i knw a lot my dear...but wen it comes to blogging of course u can tlk about stuff liek that too...asddign a bit og humor to it..wont make it bad would it?..nope...lool....hahaha ur oda blog was beyond boring lol...diz..i like :P lol

  2. it wasnt beyound boring...and basically spilling of stuffs from headline news aint gonna change ma it, the interests of our generation doesnt lie in intelectual progresssion but sorry dear, seemed like my other blog just wasnt for ya....